At 2 Men & A Hen we have several different types of chickens and other fowl on site. We are working with two main types of chicken breeds, Liege Fighters and Svart Hona. We are also working a large dual purpose chicken breed that encompasses Liege Fighters, Svart Hona, and Jersey Giants. To learn more about our chick breeds and project breed read below. 

Project Chickens (Name TBD)

2 Men & A Hen is working on a project to create a large dual purpose chicken that carries fibromelanosis genetic traits with all black meat. These chickens are being created using 3 different breeds: Jersey Giants (JG), Svart Hona (SH), and Liege Fighters (LF). The JG's were selected for their size, egg laying capabilities, and cold hardiness. The LF brings large size and predator resistance to the breed. The SH were chosen for their fibromelanistic and cold hardiness traits.


We currently have two different lines we are utilizing to create this chicken breed. The first is using a SH rooster over several JG hens (offspring=SHJG). The second is using a LF rooster over several JG hens (offspring=LFJG). We will collect and hatch eggs from both of these crosses selecting for meat quality, temperament, and color/pigmentation. We will keep the 5 best hens from each line and breed them back to their fathers (SHJGxSH) and (LFJGxLF). We will then breed the hens from that mating to their best looking uncle (LFLFJGxLFJG) and (SHSHJGxSHJG). The offspring from these crosses will then be split into 4 breeding clans with LFLFLFJGJG roosters and SHSHSHJGJG hens. The process will begin again by breeding these roosters to their daughters and then those granddaughters being bred to their uncles. This will give us 4 lines of the same chicken breed. We can than begin a clan mating system where we breed the best male from every line to the next pen. This is a several year project. We will have many chicks available from this project at low prices as we will be extremely selective on those being kept for breeding; continually focusing on color, size, personality, and egg laying ability. Eventually we will move away from all other breeds and only keep our project chickens (Name Needed).

Svart Hona

2 Men & A Hen purchased our breeding stock of Svart Hona from Orchard Hill Poultry in 2018 and their stock can be traced back to the original importer of this breed Greenfire Farms (breed info)2 Men & A Hen has on several occasion shipped eggs to our home with terrible hatch rates. OHP stock was chosen for 3 main reasons; focus on the breed, price, and ability to ship live chicks.  

Liege Fighter

2 Men & A Hen purchased our breeding stock of Liege Fighters from Heather Gifts through Rare Breed Auctions in 2018. Her stock comes from the original importer of this breed Greenfire Farms (breed info). We spent a significant amount of money on LF eggs from another seller and were only able to hatch one chick out of 18 eggs. This experience helped us decide to only purchase chicks from now on. Of the chicks we purchased from Heather all survived and many have become our breeding stock. 

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