You get to try 4 flavors of our choosing brats (Jalapeno & Cheddar, Beer, Traditional, Pepper and Onion, Sweet Italian or Cheddar). 


Beer Brat (Train Wreck)

We are super excited to offer this amazing beer brat with the permission of Mountain Town Brewing Company. This brat melds the wonderful meat and fat of the Mangalitsa with the handcrafted robust Train Wreck; a Michigan Maple Syrup and Honey flavored Amber Ale. The Mountain Town Brewery is just 30 minutes east of our farm and is a favorite stop of Ryan’s when we are in town. If you are looking for a beer brat with some real flavor this is going to be the one you absolutely LOVE!


Jalapeno & Cheddar Brat

This is a wonderful Jalapeno and Cheddar Brat is perfect for those that like the flavor of the jalapeno without a lot of heat. They are on the mild side but not super hot. They have an amazing amount of cheddar so be prepared for all of that cheese and a touch of heat. Of course these are made with our amazing Mangalitsa Pork.


Cheddar Brat

This is absolutly the best cheddar brat you can buy. SUPER CHEESEY , jusicy and delicous. Of course it is also made with our amazing Mangalitsa pork.


Our Mangalitsa are raised in a happy and healthy natural environment with several acres of forest, wetlands, and fields to forage. We feed locally produced grain ration that consists of Rye, Oats, Corn, Soy, and a mineral mix. We grind and mix all of our grain on the farm and purchase from local farmers. Our Mangalitsa also receive supplementation in the form of fresh produce (turnips, parsnips, squash, and beets) on a regular basis. Our Mangalitsa are allowed to grow for 14 - 18 months. They are never confined and get to be pigs like nature intended.

Brat Sample Pack

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