2 Men & A Hen posts animals for sale frequently on our Facebook page (2 Men & A Hen). Our Facebook page is the best place to see current animals for sale. We maintain a waiting list for each type of animal we breed please contact us for further information. 

Deposit Information

This is the perfect place to send your deposit. Only send deposits for specific animals or products that we have already discussed and which we expect you to send a deposit.

Deposits are non-refundable unless there is an issue at 2 Men & A Hen.

Metal Insulated 

Cups cost $20 each (add $5 if shipped/each). They come in Pink, Teal, Green, and White. If you would like the cup shipped to your home please place your home address in the comment box as well as which cups you would like. 

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 Animal Prices


Traditional Dexter Cattle

  • Bulls - weaned ($1000 - $2500)

  • Steers - weaned ($500)

  • Heifers - on the bottle ($1200 - $3000)


Highland Cattle

  • Bulls - 6 month ($1500 - $8000)

  • Steers - 6-8 month ($500)


Nigerian Dwarf Goats

  • Does - weaned ($200 - $450)

  • Bucks - weaned ($150 - $500)

  • Wethers - weaned ($50 - $75)


Mangalitsa Pigs

  • Boar - weaned ($500)

  • Borrow - weaned ($200)

  • Gilts - weaned ($500)


Great Pyrenees (LGDs)

  • Male ($450) and Females ($500)



  • Svart Hona - unsexed chicks ($10)

  • Liege Fighters - unsexed chicks ($15)

  • Project Chickens - unsexed chicks ($3)

  • Silver Appleyard Ducks - unsexed ($10)

  • Select Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, and Geese available unsexed, sexed, or processed depending on the time of year ($7-$100)

Tours, Classes, & Dinners

One of our goals at 2 Men & A Hen is to promote responsible husbandry of animals utilizing safe, humane, and cost effective practices. We gladly give farm tours to small groups and spend time discussing our farm, animals, and processes. If you would like to schedule a visit to our farm Contact Us

We hope to have specialized classes and tours available to paying customers in the future.

We would like to offer dinners on the farm in a farm to table setting. These will be available in the future. 

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