2 Men & A Hen posts animals for sale frequently on our Facebook page (2 Men & A Hen). Our Facebook page is the best place to see current animals for sale. We no longer maintain a waiting lists for each type of animal we breed please contact us for further information. We will post all currently available animals for sale at the bottom of this page. 

Deposit Information

This is the perfect place to send your deposit. Only send deposits for specific animals or products that we have already discussed and which we expect you to send a deposit.

Deposits are non-refundable unless there is an issue at 2 Men & A Hen. Please review our Livestock contract as it is required to be signed for all live animal purchases. 

We require a 50% deposit to hold an animal. This can be paid via cash, check, money order, PayPal or on our Six Shop. 

Visit our "Shop" page for currently available non livestock items!

 Animal Prices


Legacy/Traditional/Modern Dexter Cattle

  • Bulls - weaned ($1000 - $2500)

  • Steers - weaned ($700)

  • Heifers - on the bottle ($1500 - $3000)


Highland Cattle

(Based on projected size/color)

  • Bulls - weaned ($5000 - $8000)

  • Steers - weaned/bottle ($1500 - $5000)

  • Heifers - on the bottle ($2000 - $8000)

Highpark Cattle

(Based on projected size/color)

  • Bulls - weaned($4000 - $8000)

  • Steers - weaned ($1500 - $2000)

  • Heifers - on the bottle ($1500 - $8000)

Highshire Cattle

(Based on projected size/color)

  • Bulls - weaned ($3000 - $8000)

  • Steers - weaned ($1500 - $8000)

  • Heifers - on the bottle ($2000 - $8000)

Mangalitsa Pigs

  • Boar Registered- weaned ($700)

  • Gilts Registered- weaned ($700)

  • Feeders - weaned ($150)

Great Pyrenees (LGDs)

  • Male ($700)

  • Females ($700)


  • Assorted Layers Young Hens ($10)

  • Select Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, and Geese available unsexed, sexed, or processed depending on the time of year ($3-$6/lb)

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Tours, Classes, & Dinners

One of our goals at 2 Men & A Hen is to promote responsible husbandry of animals utilizing safe, humane, and cost effective practices. We gladly give farm tours to small groups and spend time discussing our farm, animals, and processes. If you would like to schedule a visit to our farm Contact Us

We offer farm tours for $150. The tour normally lasts for 1.5-2 hours. It is a walking tour of the farm and we will answer all of your questions regarding our farm practices. This can include hands on experience with Mangalitsa pigs, and miniature cattle if the guests have proper footwear and prearrange with the farm. 


Tours are intended to be “family style” so well behaved children are welcome. Each tour must contain less than 10 people. No animals are allowed on the farm. We will make accommodations for certain service animals but for the safety of your service animal it is imperative you contact the farm before bringing any animal with you. Our livestock guardians are trained to protect their livestock from threats and service animals can be perceived as threats. 


All guests must have extremely clean and appropriate farm footwear. You are required to ensure you are not brining pathogens from other farms to ours so no mud or waste should be visible on your boots. We will provide sanitation wipes if needed. Remember in the spring and fall there will be lots of mud and poop due to the rainy conditions. 

We retain the right to refuse a tour or end a tour at anytime for any reason. We take the health and safety of our animals very seriously. 


Discounts - 

$50 active/reserve military

PrePurchase of product from our website of $100-$500 receive a 50% discount. 

Tours are free with a nonrefundable deposit on animals valued at $500 or more with intent to purchase. 

Cumulative purchases from returning  customers valued at $500 or more are free. 

Availability E-Mail List

Below is a link to sign up for emails from 2 Men & A Hen. We are creating this option for those members that would like to be notified when new livestock, meat, eggs, produce, or merchandise is available. Our goal will be to never send more than 1 email a week to our subscribers. We will be sending the available email list out 24 hours prior to posting livestock for sale. If you are a subscriber you will get a heads up an animal is being offered before our Facebook followers. 

Thanks for submitting!


Currently Available 

Mangalitsa Piglets

We have about 15 litters of Pure MBOAR Registered Mangalitsa piglets a year. We farrow all year and normally have piglets on the ground at any given time. We sell feeders ($150), breeding stock ($700), whole butcher hogs($5.5/lb), and USDA processed meat by the cut. We maintain 2 unrelated boars so can offer breeding trios. This allows us to be your one stop shop for Mangalitsa. If we do not have what you are looking for we can help you find a breeder that does. If you are interested in getting piglets please let us know. 

Miniature and Midsized Miniature Highland Calves


Effie - $8000 Price REDUCED to $6500

Effie is an 81.2% mini highland heifer that is suspected positive for BD1 dwarfism (test pending). She is out of Parker (39" at 3 years old) our 62% dwarf high park colored mini bull and Evie a small midsized 100% red highland cow (45" at 8 years old). She anticipate she will be miniature throughout her life. 

She is currently on the bottle. She is a looker for sure and prances around the pasture. 

Traditional Irish Dexter Cattle 


Traditional Irish Dexter Heifers and steers - $700 - $3000


We have several Traditional and one or two modern heifers looking for greener pastures. They will be registered with Legacy and PDCA. Our Dexters are out of old traditional dexter lines and will stay very small. We have been working on improving the structure of some of the oldest lines of dexter cattle available in the world. We have been focusing on dual purpose abilities by increasing udder attachments and capacity as well as breeding for beefier animals. All of our breeding is focused on maintaining the original dexter standard for small size. All of our Dexter should classify as miniature at 3 years of age by mini cattle standards. 

Heifer calves can be sold as a dam weaned or on the bottle depending on your preferences. Please let us know if you are interested in placing a deposit on calves and we can discuss which animals would be a good fit for your farm.