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2 Men & A Hen

Traditional / Pasture Raised / Family Farm
Free Range Chicken

We promote raising traditional Irish Dexter cattle, pure Mangalitsa pigs, miniature to midsize Miniature Highlands cows, and chickens that respond well to traditional farming methods. Our animal selection has always been focused on hardiness, functionality, friendliness, and ease of care to help homestead farmers actualize their dreams.

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Pasture Raised
Locally Grown

Healthy eating starts with natural, grass fed, free roam beef, pork and poultry.

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Your homestead farm journey begins now

Top Hen Picks


Mangalitsa Gilts

We have 8 pure Mangalitsa Gilts from 2 litters, LV Thor (blonde) x 2MH Patsy (SB) and LV Thor (blonde) x BSR Lilith (swallow red colored).

Path through forest

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