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Currently Available Livestock

Irish Dexter Cattle

We have 2 Irish Dexter Cows that are all exposed to one of our current herd sires, Mendenhall's Cronus (PDCA-302399-C). These girls are being offered for sale individually or together. We can discuss discounts if multiple are purchased. The dehorned girls are available because we are selling all of our hornless girls and we have daughters that are horned to replace them.


The 3 horned dwarf girls are modern horned and we are focusing more on our legacy horned cattle. Several of these girls were worked with on halter training and leading but not all have been haltered while here. There are some really nice body types and udders in this group of cows.


Cuts need to be made as we are now over 80 head of cattle. They are being sold as exposed all cows had calves in 2022 and should be bred for summer calves in 2023. If you would like confirmed bred we can test for an additional $250 per cow. These girls are all registered with PDCA and Legacy, with transfer fees included in the price.


Heifers and Steers

We have several Traditional Irish Dexter cattle and one or two modern heifers looking for greener pastures. They will be registered with Legacy and PDCA. Our Dexters are out of old traditional dexter lines and will stay very small. We have been working on improving the structure of some of the oldest lines of dexter cattle available in the world. We have been focusing on dual purpose abilities by increasing udder attachments and capacity as well as breeding for beefier animals. All of our breeding is focused on maintaining the original dexter standard for small size. All of our Dexter should classify as miniature at 3 years of age by mini cattle standards.

Heifer calves can be sold as a dam weaned or on the bottle depending on your preferences. Please let us know if you are interested in placing a deposit on calves and we can discuss which animals would be a good fit for your farm.

$700 - $3000

Traditional Irish Dexter Cattle


We have about 15 litters of Pure MBOAR Registered Mangalitsa piglets a year. We farrow all year and normally have piglets on the ground at any given time. We maintain 2 unrelated boars so we can offer breeding trios. This allows us to be your one stop shop for Mangalitsa pigs.

If we do not have what you are looking for we can help you find a breeder that does. If you are interested in getting piglets please let us know.

Feeders: $150
Breeding Stock: $700
Whole Butcher Hogs: $5.5 per lb.

Mangalitsa Pigs

Great Pyrenees

Livestock Guardian Dogs

We have livestock guard dogs to help keep your animals safe.

We are currently waiting for a litter to be born.

Male: $700
Females: $700

Various Fowl

We have assorted Layers Young Hens and select chickens.

Unsexed, sexed, or processed depending on the time of year.

Assorted Layers Young Hens: $10
Chicken: $3-$6 lb.


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