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Irish Dexter Cattle

Traditionally Horned Dexter Cattle
Irish Dexter Cattle

2 Men & A Hen raises Traditionally Horned Dexter Cattle. We are part of the traditional dexter preservation project. This project strives to preserve old lines of dexter cattle before any upgraded genetics were added.

We currently register our Dexters with Legacy, and the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association (PDCA).  Our goal is to preserve the traditional tripurpose characteristics of the Dexter breed as well as maintain small, hardy, and family friendly Dexter cattle.

We love Dexter cattle and have a deep passion for the original breed standard. Our goal for our Dexter herd is to produce Traditionally Horned Dexter cattle with excellent temperaments, amazing conformation in all three acceptable colors (black, dun, and red). We do not plan to keep giant cattle on our farm and have always wanted smaller more manageable cattle. We chose Traditionally Horned Dexters for this reason. You will notice that some of our Dexters do not have horns. This is because we elected to have their horns removed at a very young age to show our customers that you can preserve amazing genetics and still have cattle without horns.

2 Men & A Hen plans to maintain a closed herd of cattle after the spring of 2021. We plan to do this through stringent breeding practices within our herd. We currently have two bulls one is not related to any of our cattle as his dam was brought to Lakeport Farms after being bred. His name is Eros. He is a chondro positive bull that carries dun color genetics from an older dam (Dinsmore Farm Inky). Inky birthed Eros at the age of 20 and had another calf just before her 21st birthday. Eros comes from very durable chondro genetics. 

We believe in strict breeding of our cattle and culling those whom do not meet extremely high standards. If you see a bull for sale from us it is important that you realize he for sale not because we want to get rid of him but because he has excellent temperament, conformation, and genetics.

Every single one of our breeding Dexter cattle has been through significant genetic testing at UC Davis. All heifers and bulls will go through the same rigorous genetic testing before being sold.

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