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Mangalitsa Pigs

Mangalitsa Swine
Mangalitsa Pigs

Mangalitsa are the wooly pig from Hungary. They have an excellent red meat and a great tasting lard. They come in 3 color: swallow belly (black with white underside), blonde, and red.

We selected this breed for its cold hardiness, thriftiness, and meat/lard qualities.We raise pure mangalitsa with lineage and registered with the only breed organization in the United States MBOAR.

We love the Mangalitsa breed! The recommended grow out time for 100% Mangalitsa is 14 - 24 months. While it is possible to butcher at a much younger age it makes for a rather small pig. We butchered a 10 month old borrow and his hanging weight was less than 100lbs. He was the best tasting pig roast that we have ever had but still smaller than most would like for a market pig. To make a profit off from Mangalitsa pigs; with our food acquiring abilities, we would need to sell them for $5 per pound.

2 Men & A Hen raise our swine on open pasture/woodlot areas and feed them veggies, whole grain, and forage. They require minimal shelter and farrow year around in the pasture. Hardiness is a main component of our farm and is very important to us as we live in Central Michigan where we can have very harsh winters with temperatures in the -30s F. Our summers can get very warm with temperatures over 95 F. Mangalitsa shed out a significant amount of their coat in the spring and summer growing it back in the fall and winter. This allows them to decrease heat retention in the summer and increase heat retention in the winter. We also offer a lot of areas perfect for wallowing in the summer.

For more information on the Mangalitsa breed please visit this page:

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