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Our Story

2 Men & A Hen is owned and operated by Ryan and Christopher Thatcher with extensive help from our family and friends. We are both full-time nurses with a passion for living and growing beings. Ryan is a Navy Reservist who has served for over 8 years and been deployed twice. It is in our nature to nurture and care. We monopolize technology to assist our farming technique by video motoring from afar. We love knowing where our food comes from and the peace of mind that comes with knowing it was raised humanely and respectfully.


Homestead Heartiness

Our farm may seem a little crazy to you, but it makes perfect sense to us. We have chosen each breed with sale ability, hardiness, and temperament in mind. Familial lineages of each breed on our farm were chosen for specific traits that we find desirable in traditional farming. Small family farms in our day and age struggle to survive when they operate within the same systems and mindsets as industrial sized farms. We have chosen a more traditional type of farming with the goal of not competing with industrialized farms. 2 Men & A Hen straddles several different markets catering to the homestead family of today and the future. We utilize technology where needed and are not afraid of learning from our big brothers in the industrial farming market but understand the importance of not following in their footsteps. 


Family Farmer Focused

Many families are reacquainting themselves with farming. These families can choose to raise the same exact animals that are raised commercially and available at every supermarket in America or they can decide to raise animals with more complex flavor and friendlier personalities. Family farms need animals that can be handled with smaller facilities. Large animals pose greater safety risks to children and adults. We want to provide animals to families that will raise them, appreciate them, and enjoy them for their many purposes.​

3rd Generation Family-Owned Business

Small But Mighty

As a small farm we are continually focused on cost input compared to output. Many animals and products can be sourced from other buyers at cheaper prices. We are in the practice of providing slow food with an emphasis on flavor and texture. We raise breeds of animals that take longer to build muscle and fat which means it costs more time and money to get them to your table. When you buy a chicken for the table from us you can expect that its breasts will be naturally proportionate to its body with firm not mushy meat. A Mangalitsa pig from our butcher will come with the most succulent red meat you have ever tasted, and the fat will make your mouth water. Our cattle are raised on grass and hay with a small amount of grain as treats. The beef they provide will be a healthy normal portion with complex flavor and muscle tone that lets you know it wasn't confined in a feedlot. Our steaks will not hang over the edge of your plate, but they will leave you satisfied and reminiscing to your friends and family.  

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