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Traditional Irish Dexter Beef

What We Feed Them

Our Traditional Dexter beef is 98% grass fed and pasture raised with a small amount of grain added to their diet every day. Each animal only receives 1-2 lbs of grain per day throughout their lives. This feeding regimen means that our cattle receive all of the nutritional benefits of being grass fed and grain fed without any of the negative effects of being packed full of grain. This means they still put on the grass fed flavorful fat but also have bit more marbling compared to pure grass-fed beef.

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How We Raise Them

We raise our cattle on open pastures and woodlots in central Michigan with lots of human interactions. This gives our cattle the ability to absorb all of the natural vitamins and minerals from the sun and earth. Our cattle are raised outdoors where they are able to happily graze in the warmer months and live among the trees and nature while eating hay in the winter months. Buying Dexter beef from us helps us preserve the Traditional Dexter blood lines as we strive to save this heritage breed on our small family farm.

Meat products cannot be shipped and are Farm Pick Up ONLY. Please choose Farm Pick Up as delivery method during checkout. 

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