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Lil’ Angels Lincoln Mini Highland
  • Lil’ Angels Lincoln Mini Highland

    Lincoln is from Lil’Angels breeding. He is at least 75% mini Highland. He was cosmetically dehorned as a calf and is genetically horned. His color is silver tipped Highpark. He will not throw red or black calves. His calves will all receive at least one dilute gene from him. Statistically 50% of his calves should have highpark coloring. He was measured at just before 3 years old with a 42-43" hip height and ~44-45" at the top of the back. We measure in the alleyway on concrete. This is a true height. His frame score is between 00 and 0 making him a miniature. He has amazing conformation and is quite beefy. He can throw calves that are mini or midsized depending the cow he is bred to. On our farm his average calf weight has been 50lbs bred to both mini and midisized cows. He tested negative for TB, Lepto5, BVD, and Brucellosis the week before collection.


    Price per straw | Stored at Great Lakes Sire Service

    The purchaser understands that they are responsible for paying the shipping and handling fees directly to storage facility, prior to shipment. Purchaser has 30 days, from the date of release, to either ship the semen or set-up their own account for storage. After 30 days the semen will be added back to 2 Men & A Hen’s stock and the purchaser will not be entitled to a refund.

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