Whole Chickens weigh ~3.5-5.5lbs

Half Chickens weigh ~2.2-3lbs

Breasts (2pk) ~1.3-2.5lbs

Thighs (3-4pk) ~1.5-2.5lbs

Legs (5-7pk) ~1.8-2.5lbs

Wings (5-8pk) ~ 2.3-2.7lbs


We raise our chickens in mobile chicken coops. Chickens are given free choice feed and all of the bugs and grass they can munch on. We raise heritage breed chickens. We currently raise Kosher Kings. The Kosher King originates from heritage breeds such as the Barred Rock and Sussex. Around 80% of the Kosher Kings are barred while 20% are a mix of silver and red. The Kosher King is a cousin to the Freedom Ranger and exhibit the same growth rate, body confirmation, and personality.

Pasture Raised Chicken

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